Is My BMX Bike Too Big? (Your Answer Here)

Understanding the size of the BMX bike that is right for you is highly essential. In fact, this is something most bikers have never thought about when looking for a BMX bike.

BMX bike geometry is designed based on weight, size, age and most importantly, the rider’s height. Small bikes have increased in popularity in today’s market, with various companies getting into designing BMX bikes.

As a result, BMX bikes come in an array of sizes to meet every rider’s need. Therefore, irrespective of your height or size, you are guaranteed to find a BMX bike that will meet your requirements.

So, is my BMX bike too big? To find the answer to this question, consider reading this article to the end. And with that said, let’s get started.

Is My BMX Bike Too Big?

To determine whether your BMX bike is too big for you, you will first need to understand BMX bike sizing. With that in mind, here are the appropriate BMX bike sizing;

· For individuals under the height of 100cm or 3’3″, a 12″ top tube is the most appropriate size for racing and freestyle BMX riding.

· For individuals between the height of 99cm and 122cm or 3’33” and 4′, a 12″ to 16″ top tube is the most appropriate for freestyle BMX riding. When it comes to racing, a micro mini is the best for individuals within this height range.

· Individuals between the height of 122cm and 137cm or 4′ and 4’6″ should have a BMX top tube between 16″ and 18″ for freestyle. On the other hand, a Mini class size BMX bike will be ideal for racing.

· Individuals within the height range of 137cm to 147cm or 4’6″ to 4’10” should own a BMX bike with a top tube range of 18″ to 20″ for freestyle riding. A Junior class size BMX bike is recommended for racing among individuals of this height range.

· BMX bikers within the height range of 142cm to 177cm or 4’8″ to 5’4″ should purchase a BMX bike for freestyle riding equipped with a top tube of about 19.5″ to 20.4″. When it comes to racing, individuals within this height range should go for Expert class BMX bike size.

· As a BMX biker within a height range of 162cm to 178cm or 5’4″ to 5’10”, you should consider settling for a BMX bike with a top tube of 20.25″ to 21″ for freestyle biking. For racing, you should consider going for Pro class size BMX bikes.

· If you are within 172cm to 180cm or 5’8″ to 6ft, a BMX bike with a top tube of approximately 20.5″ to 21.5″ will be best for you when it comes to freestyle riding. However, if you are into racing, you should look for a Pro XL class size for BMX.

· Individuals over 180cm or 6ft should go for a BMX bike with a top tube of about 21″ to 22″ for freestyle biking. Pro XXL class size will be the perfect choice for individuals within this height range when it comes to racing.

Therefore, to find out where your BMX bike is too big for you, you should compare your BMX Top tube to your height using the above-discussed tips.

How Are BMX Bike Sizes Measured?

When looking for a BMX bike, you need to ensure that you can stand over the frame. A 20″ Top tube BMX bike is considered a full size; however, you can still find a smaller version designed for young riders.

So, how do you measure a BMX bike size? To correctly measure a BMX bike size, you will need to measure yourself- this will make it easy to find a bike that best suits your needs.

Once you have your height, go ahead and measure the distance from your groin to the floor. This will give you the correct leg height.

With that done, you will have to measure your reach. A reach is achieved by measuring the distance from your fingertips to your armpits.

With all these numbers in place, you will go ahead and find the ape index (this is your height less your reach). In case you have a positive apex, you should consider going for larger BMX bikes and a smaller BMX bike if you have a negative apex.

Why Getting The Correct BMX Bike Size Is Important?

Although bike sizing is not an interesting topic to learn, it is undoubtedly the most crucial one.

Choosing the correct BMX bike size is not all about comfort but also helps prevent injuries from occurring and enhances your biking experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a BMX bike, size has to be your top priority.

Sizing a BMX bike correctly will depend on an array of factors that goes beyond your height.

Although a bit of fine-tuning tends to go a long way in relation to handlebars, seatposts, and stem, getting the right frame size is all that you need to focus more on.

BMX bikes are not sophisticated since they operate just like any other bike out there. While it is relatively easy to operate, the way you position your body will depend on your bike’s size and overall control.

Failure to have the correct BMX size will be causing more harm to your body than good. Some of the negative effects you will experience when using a small or a bigger BMX bike include;

· Back pain. The way you position yourself while cycling is vital; therefore, riding a BMX bike with the wrong size frame will lead to lower back pain. This is often common on road bikes; however, BMX bikes are no different. Adjusting the handlebar or seatpost will not compensate for your bike’s frame.

· Wrist pain. When you cycle a relatively small or big BMX bike for an extended period, your wrist will become painful due to bad posture. This is because your body is forced to put more pressure on your wrist; this will overcompensate, leading to wrist pain. Significantly larger frames will force you to stretch further when controlling your bike, which is not an ideal position.

· Fatigue. The efficiency of your pedal is often the greatest reason for investing in a BMX bike with the right size. When cycling a BMX bike with the right size, you will achieve a proper stance along with the leg positioning required to get the most out of your bike without straining. However, this is never the case when riding a small or a big BMX bike, and as a result, it leads to fatigue.

· Increases the risk of crashing. Riding a BMX bike with the correct sizing, you will have better control over your bike. On the other hand, riding a BMX bike that is too big, you will be sacrificing a significant amount of control and increasing your risk of crashing.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right BMX Bike Size

When looking for the right BMX bike size, here are some of the vital things to consider;

Top Tube Length

Top tube length is the measurement of the distance between the center of a seat tube to the center of a head tube. This is a vital aspect you will need to consider when looking for the correct BMX bike sizing. It would help if you used the Top tube ranges discussed earlier in the article.

Seat Tube Angle

This is another vital aspect that affects your overall biking experience. Traditionally, BMX bikes incorporated a 71-degree seat tube angle; however, nowadays, you can find different seat tube angle, including 70 and 69-degree angles.

Seat tube angle has a significant impact on the length of your bike’s frame without affecting the Top tube length. Choosing the correct seat tube angle is highly essential when it comes to improving the overall biking experience.

Head Tube Angle

The head tube angle has a significant impact on the rider’s position. Therefore, when looking for a BMX bike, you should consider purchasing one with a head tube angle that will best suit your needs. With the correct head tube angle, you will protect your back against lower back pain.

Seat Tube Height

This is a tube that runs vertically between the bottom bracket and the top tube. While seat tube angle affects the length of your bike, seat tube height, on the other hand, affects the height of your bike.

Fortunately, seat tube height can be adjusted to your preference, unlike seat tube angle, which tends to alter your bike’s feel. However, assessing both aspects is vital when it comes to improving your overall biking experience.

Chain Stay Length

The chain stay length has a significant impact on the riding style of a BMX biker. BMX bikes equipped with relatively short chain stay length alters the distance between the wheels, making your bike feel more stable- this design is ideal for street biking.

On the other hand, a lengthy chain stay is said to be ideal for more aggressive BMX biking experience, making it ideal for bikers who love to perform stunts and jumping high.

Final Words

Choosing the right BMX bike sizing is ideal for improving your overall biking experience. To answer the question, is my BMX bike too big? 

You will need to compare your BMX bike sizing with the top tube measurement discussed in this article. With that said, we hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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