Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive? (Everything Explained)

Are you planning on purchasing your first BMX? Entering the world of biking and stunts or just purchasing one for aesthetics is not a bad idea in any way. If your budget is tight, there are plenty of bikes to consider out there that will best suit your needs.

However, this is never the case with BMX bikes. These bikes are, without a doubt, some of the most expensive bikes available in the market, but why are BMX bikes so expensive? To find out more, consider reading this article to the end.

When choosing a BMX bike, price shouldn’t be the only determining factor; some individuals prefer going for expensive and full Chromoly bikes while others prefer to start small and then level up the parts.

Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX bikes are expensive since they are designed to offer three main purposes. First, BMX is designed to be lightweight, making them ideal for performing top-notch stunts. The second thing is that BMX bikes are super durable, allowing them to fit off-road and harsh usage perfectly. The last reason is that BMX is fully responsive, allowing you to ride over the horizon and further.

Therefore, if you love to perform stunts, then a BMX bike will be best for you since they are packed with all the essential features one needs in a bike for top-notch performance. Therefore, BMX prices are reflected in the quality of its material, lightweight, and responsiveness. These are considered the primary reasons why BMX bikes are very expensive.

Five Reasons As To Why BMX Bikes Are Very Expensive

To better understand why BMX bikes cost that much, here are five reasons with in-depth explanations;

Light in weight

What makes BMX bikes stand out from other types of bikes is their lightweight design. For one to perform a top-notch stunt, you will need a lightweight bike since the weight has a significant impact on how you use the bike.

Since BMX are light in weight, they can be controlled and lifted with ease. As a result, BMX bikes stand as the best bike for performing tricks and stunts. This is also one of the reasons why these bikes are super expensive.


Any product with excellent durability tends to be pricey, and BMX bikes are no different. These bikes have been designed with strength and endurance in mind. Therefore, BMX bikes are very flexible and capable of withstanding tough and rough riding on streets, off roads, and even skate parks.

Due to their unique and reliable designs, BMX bikes are capable of taking up immense pressure. Due to this outstanding feature, BMX bikes are very expensive.


Compared to other types of bikes available in today’s market, BMX bikes are very responsive. This feature encourages and allows cyclists to cycle over the edge for an extended period without fearing. This aspect offers the cyclist courage and confidence to cycle and performs to best suit their needs. It is without a doubt a vital feature, and it is also believed to be the cause of high prices in BMX bikes.

Chromoly frames

The frames of BMX bikes are made from durable Chromoly-alloy steel. This material is said to be stronger than carbon steel. Therefore, it helps in enhancing the strength of BMX bikes while maintaining their lightweight design. This allows it to be lightweight, durable, and long-lasting hence its high market price.

Brand’s name

This might come as a surprise to some, but, yes, BMX bikes tend to be expensive due to the brand’s name. BMX bikes are very popular among stunt performers, and they have earned an incredible reputation in today’s market. BMX bikes are undoubtedly top-notch products, and as a result, they tend to be significantly expensive.

The Cost of BMX Bikes

While BMX bikes tend to be expensive, they also differ in price range significantly. Furthermore, there are different types of BMX bikes, from flat land or freestyle BMX bikes to true BMX bikes and first jump or jumper BMX bikes. The price range of BMX bikes is approximately $500 to over $3000.

Since there are significant differences between price ranges in BMX bikes, the amount of money you are willing to spend in purchasing one will depend on your budget, bike quality, cycling ability, and preference. As a result, there is no definite answer on how much you should spend to purchase a BMX bike.

However, as a newbie, you should consider purchasing the most affordable BMX bike. This means that you might consider spending $500 or slightly more. But you still have your preference hence you can always feel free to spend more if you like but not too much.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced cyclist or pro in performing stunts, you should consider spending a minimum of $1000. A pro BMX bike can cost even $4000. Therefore, to find a high-quality BMX bike that will best suit your skills as a pro cyclist, you should consider much more while ensuring that you are within your budget range.

Here are some of the best BMX bikes and their price tag;

· Fly Supernova. This is a well-rounded bike that goes for $540.

· Redline Proline Youth BMX Race Bike. This is a traditional racing bike, and it costs upwards of $430.

· Kink Switch. It is a flatland/freestyle bike, and it goes for $499.

· Verde 2021 Radix Dirt Jumper. It is a reliable dirt jumping bike that costs $699.99

· Cult Devotion. It is a BMX bike ideal for riding on streets, and it goes for $539.

· La Bomba Rigid 26’’ DJ Bike. It is the first BMX jumping bike and tends to be very expensive, going at $825.

· Sunday Ex. This is another BMX bike designed for street use. It is also considered a freestyle BMX bike, and it goes for $509.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a top-notch and high-quality BMX bike, you might consider checking out one of the above products, and you will not regret making that decision.

Which Are Some Of The Most Expensive BMX Bikes?

As discussed earlier, BMX bikes are undoubtedly some of the most expensive bikes available in today’s market, which is for a good reason. In addition to that, there are various types and brands of BMX bikes, and as a result, their prices tend to differ significantly, with some being more expensive than others. With that said, here are some of the most expensive BMX bikes available in today’s market;

  1. WeThePeople Revolver 2019 BMX bike. It is one of the most expensive BMX bikes out there since it has been designed to deliver outstanding performance on an array of surfaces.
  2. WeThePeople Battleship Freecoaster BMX. This BMX bike is ideal for different types of cyclists out there, along with their style of cycling.
  3. Subrosa X Shadow BMX 2019 Bike. This bike features the top-notch Subrosa’s bike frame along with forks. In addition to that, it incorporates high-quality bike parts, making it one of the most expensive BMX bikes on the market.
  4. Sunday Soundwave Special BMX Bike. If a versatile BMX bike is what you are looking for, this product will best suit your needs. Despite being expensive, this BMX bike is ideal for riding on various terrains.
  5. Sunday Street Sweeper Bike. It is without a doubt one of the top-performing street BMX bikes, and it is ideal for performing stunts and tricks that tend to be challenging to achieve.
  6. Haro Lineage Team Master BMX. What makes this BMX bike very expensive is its frame which is made from pure Chromoly. In addition to that, it features a unique twin top tube, hourglass mid BB shell, and integrated head tube. The bike also features an original from 1978.
  7. Haro Blackout 2021 Race Bike. This bike is equipped with a Blackout Power Transfer Centre or PTC, which makes it relatively expensive.

BMX bikes are well-known for designing high-quality bikes ever since their beginning. With a BMX bike, you will be able to fulfill your expectation as a biker. In addition to that, BMX has brought significant variations along with development in types of bikes. Therefore, all these vital aspects make BMX a renowned brand, and as a result, their prices tend to be significantly high.

Why should Your First BMX Bike be affordable?

This is a vital point to note for a newbie before going ahead and purchasing a BMX bike. Usually, a newbie will purchase a BMX bike for the following reasons;

  • To perform a stunt. Some individuals want to come into the BMX world fueled by stunts and tricks.
  • Fitness. BMX aids in keeping one fit, burns excess calories, and gets stronger compared to walking.
  • Commute. Some people prefer using BMX as a mode of transport to ride to work or school.
  • Aesthetics. Others want to present themselves in a cool, stylish as well as unique way.

When starting your BMX life as a newbie, you will most likely be working on a tight budget. Therefore, it is not recommended to select a high-end BMX bike as an amateur. It is recommended that you look for an affordable and yet highly durable product. However, you should note that your local BMX shop will advise you to purchase an expensive product as your first bike. Usually, they tend to come up with various reasons that will, without a doubt, be appealing. But still, do not fall into the trap and go for a product that is within your budget; and you can always personalize it by modifying parts, and you continue to up your stunts.

Is It Affordable to Purchase or Build A BMX Bike?

Purchasing a complete BMX bike is way more affordable than building one. If you plan on building a BMX bike, you will be forced to start from scratch, and building some parts such as the frame can be pretty much expensive. Furthermore, you will need to find the correct materials since there is no room for low-quality material in a BMX bike.

A high-quality BMX bike can go for upwards of $450, and the total cost of building your BMX bike can be approximately $1500. At times it can exceed $1500 depending on your customization.

Therefore, whether you are an experienced biker or a newbie, it is always recommended to purchase a new BMX bike over building one for yourself. This is because not only are they affordable, but they also will offer all the vital aspects you will need in a BMX bike, such as responsiveness and durability.

However, if you would like to build a BMX bike, consider purchasing a second-hand one and then connect it with special offer parts. When you do so, this process can be pretty much an affordable option when it comes to building your BMX bike. However, it still is more expensive than purchasing a BMX bike since you will be relying on second-hand products over a brand new BMX bike.

Final words

BMX bikes are very expensive, making it very challenging to purchase a pro bike at a price of less than $500. These bikes are some of the most expensive in the market, with some high-end companies BMX bikes costing more than $4000. An excellent example of an expensive price range is a brand known as Daylight.

However, an expensive BMX bike doesn’t mean that you have become a pro all of a sudden or that you have mastered BMX stunts and skills. BMX biking does not just involve pedaling the pedal harder and throwing the bike into the air, and it requires a top-notch skill set along with loads of practice to become a pro BMX biker.

Therefore, you should note that it is not the bike alone but also the biker on the BMX matter. It requires lots of accuracy and precision to become a successful biker. To become a top-notch biker, you will need to put more effort besides purchasing a high-end BMX bike. With that said, I hope you have found this article beneficial.

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