Can BMX Bikes Go Fast? (Explained)

BMX is a famous sporting bike, thanks to the incredible speed it offers. Furthermore, BMX is also ideal for off-road and adventure. With a BMX bike, you can always go speed biking with your friends and family. But can the BMX bike go fast?

When used for an extended period, its speed often reduces significantly. However, BMX bikes are well-known to have incredible speed, and it is due to this, they are often used in various sport events. In today’s article, we shall be discussing the speed of a BMX bike and how fast it can go.

Can BMX Bikes Go Fast?

As stated at the beginning of the article, BMX bikes are ideal sports bikes due to the incredible speed they offer. BMX bikes are designed to go fast on different terrains, including rough terrain. 35 mph is the maximum speed of a BMX bike when descending on a ramp. However, BMX bikes can pick speed and go even faster owing to a different structural component. Tires, brakes, and the frame are some of the components that affect its speed.

There are three types of BMX bikes; the standard BMX bike- these bikes came into existence in the late 60s. The remaining two are dirt jumpers and freestyle BMX bikes. These bikes differ significantly in functionality and mechanism due to their parts and structure- this, in turn, affects the speed of each model of BMX bike.

How Fast Can My BMX Bike Go?

If you own a BMX bike, you understand that they are the best when it comes to adventure. They are often relatively small in size and very friendly. The best part is that they are ideal for individuals of all ages.

You can handle a BMX bike with utmost ease; this makes them ideal for racing, performing wheelie, jumps, and stunts, to name a few. However, how fast can a BMX bike go? The speed of a BMX bike highly depends on its structure along with some other vital determinants. The pedaling skills and quality of handling are among the significant factors that influence the speed of a BMX bike.

On average, a BMX bike can reach a speed of approximately 15 to 20mphs. Cycling at a speed of 130 rotations per minute on a 24-inch wheel BMX bike and a ratio of 44:16, you will be able to attain a speed of up to 23.4 miles per hour.

The fastest BMX bike athlete in an Olympic competition goes down an 8-meter ramp in approximately 2 seconds, attaining speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

What Features Make BMX Bikes Go Fast?

There is an array of features that constitute BMX bikes’ speed, with the most significant one being its weight. BMX bikes are undoubtedly relatively light in weight; this makes them go faster. In addition to weight, the BMX bike incorporates some top-notch parts and structure that optimizes its functionality resulting in better speed.

Some of the vital aspects that enhance a BMX bike’s speed include; quality of the rear brakes, bike frames, and knobby tires. With the right tires in place, your BMX bike will achieve incredible speeds. Additionally, a steady handlebar boosts the speed of your bike by enhancing balancing[A1] .

How To Make A BMX Bike Go Faster?

If you want to make your BMX bike go faster, then you should incorporate the following tricks and tips;

1. Lubricate Your Bike’s Chain

First things first, to enhance your bike’s speed, you should ensure that it is running and operating smoothly. Therefore, you should always lubricate your bike’s chain to perfection. By doing so, you will be reducing the chances of being slowed down by your bike’s chain. In addition to that, cleaning the bike becomes relatively easy as there will be less grime and mud stuck to your chain.

2. Adjust The Gear

Adjusting your gears is vital for enhancing the speed, and it makes one more efficient. When the gears are working smoothly, you will not have to be unnecessarily cautious. Adjusting a BMX bike is a sophisticated task; however, it is doable for most individuals. If you do not want to adjust your bike’s gear on your own, you can always take it to an expert; it is an affordable task.

3. Have The Right Saddle Height

You should ensure that the saddle height is neither too high nor too low. To figure out the right saddle height, you should do it using the inseam measurement. And then subtract 10 centimeters or 4-inch from the inseam and note it down. And then use this measurement in setting up the bottom bracket and the saddle.

When the saddle height is misaligned, it will affect your paddling speed. This is because it will not allow you to get to the correct position to use more power on your paddles to move your bike. In addition to reducing speed, a miss-aligned saddle causes discomfort; as a result, it increases the chances of being injured.

4. Pedal Tension

A clipless pedal tends to go a long way in enhancing efficiency as well as speed. However, it is of no use if the tension isn’t adjusted for your match. Different brands and models feature unique ways of decreasing and increasing pedal tension. It would help if you considered using the user manual.

Optimal pedal tension has to be a balance between grip and float. Some floats are ideal for protecting you from hurting yourself. Without the perfect grip, the sole of your shoes will start slipping as you ride, especially when standing on pedals.

5. Cleaning Your Bike

This might come as a surprise to some; however, cleaning your bike allows it to reach its optimal speed. Furthermore, cleaning your bike helps in keeping you functional hence saving you money in the long run.

When grime and dirt pile up in your bike, its part will start deteriorating, reducing its speed significantly. You should consider cleaning your BMX bike thoroughly at least once a week and have some aftercare in each biking session. It is considered a good habit, and it will enhance your bike’s functionality.

The whole process seems like a hassle, your bike, and your future self will be thankful for doing so. Postponing the cleaning process will make it a more sophisticated task.

6. Tire Pressure

You will need to find the correct tire pressure that allows you to attain maximum speed on your BMX. Tire pressure is vital when it comes to achieving a near-instant speed boost. You should note the type of road you will be using and the distance you will be covering in order to find the correct psi.

For example, tires with no pressure are said to be softer and very susceptible to friction. As a result, your speed will reduce significantly. On the other hand, an overabundance of pressure makes it challenging to control your bike, especially when switching directions. Reduction in friction tends to be dangerous, making it unideal for use in long distances.

Therefore, finding the right psi is ideal for offering a secure grip and low enough such that you will not have to overexert yourself in order to maintain your speed.

7. Aerodynamic Position

BMX bikes with aerodynamic positions tend to go faster for a reason. Fortunately, it will not cost you a fortune to take advantage of science. You might consider modifying your BMX bike by dropping its front section.

By getting rid of the fork, you might consider taking out a spacer or two to achieve a lower position. It would help if you were cautious about this process. Since your body was used to a certain height, adjusting to these sudden changes might result in injuries.

Therefore, it is advisable to remove one spacer at a time. By doing so, you will be allowing your body to adjust to the new position. It would help if you remembered not to overdo this process as well— and flexibility training aids in minimizing the risk of injuries.

How To Improve BMX Biking Speed?

To improve your cycling speed, you might consider working on your stances and various techniques. When you bend and tuck your elbow, you will be creating a streamlined body hence reducing air resistance.

By practicing various techniques like track stands will help improve your balance as well as body awareness. When you master such techniques, you will be able to achieve incredible speeds.

Another incredible way of enhancing your speed is by cycling with other cyclists in order to remain motivated. Remaining in excellent health and having lean muscle instead of being heavy will allow you to reach incredible speeds and improve endurance.

Which One Is Faster; A BMX Bike Or A Mountain Bike?

BMX bikes are said to be faster than mountain bikes when covering short distances. This is because they differ in functionality. BMX is equipped with relatively small wheels for performing stunts and single speed. These bikes accelerate pretty fast and can reach incredible speed within a short distance.

On the other hand, mountain bikes or MTB are built for endurance. As a result, MTB will win over BMX in a long-distance race. MTB also incorporates larger wheels which is another factor that increases their speed.

Final Words

Since BMX bikes are designed for speed, you are guaranteed to achieve significantly high speed within a short distance. You can also decide on boosting its speed by adhering to the tips and tricks discussed in this article. As we come to an end, we hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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