How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost?

If you are new to BMX, it is highly advisable to settle for a decent BMX bike and not go for cheaper options. It would help if you did not consider price as the primary determinant factor in choosing the best BMX bike.

This is a vital point to note since BMX bikes are undoubtedly very expensive. Therefore, in addition to the budget, you will need to consider other vital aspects to help you choose a BMX bike that will best suit your needs. However, how much do BMX bikes cost? Well, to find the answer to this question, you should consider reading this article to the end.

How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost?

BMX bikes feature various prices, with the starting range being $200. In this section, we shall divide the price range of BMX bikes according to today’s market;

BMX Bikes for Kids

This is the most affordable BMX bike category. Usually, BMX bikes for kids go for approximately $200 to $500. Most of these bikes are considered low-end, and they incorporate hi-tensile steel frames and one-piece crank, among other beginner-level gearing. It is due to this that this category of BMX bikes is relatively affordable.

Chromoly Frame BMX Bikes

The Chromoly frame BMX Bikes are not high-end products; however, they tend to be slightly pricey for approximately $500 to $800. The BMX bikes in this category are equipped with approximately two to three cranks along with other vital accessories such as stunt pegs. At the upper end of this category, you will see Gyro brakes along with a smaller, lighter chainring equipped with a sealed bearing at the wheel hub as well as the bottom bracket.

Custom Build BMX Bikes.

These are the high-end BMX bikes going for over $800. In this section, BMX bikes feature light and strong Chromoly parts, and as a result, you should expect to see top-notch luxuries, including strong rims, lighter hubs as well as sealed bearings. If BMX biking has become an all-time hobby and your riding has become progressive, BMX bikes offered at the top end of this spectrum will be best for you.

With several companies designing top-notch BMX bikes in today’s market, choosing one that best suits your needs can be challenging. However, the best BMX bike is the one that is within your price range and offers aspects that best suit your needs. After going through this section, it becomes relatively easy to choose a BMX bike within your price range and suits your needs.

What Aspect Affects The Price Of BMX Bikes?

There are various aspects that tend to affect the price tag of a BMX bike. Some of these aspects include;

A Complete or Built BMX

A complete BMX bike refers to the standard version provided by a BMX, and they include; frame, regular parts as well as color. On the other hand, a built BMX bike refers to a custom-made bike designed by the biker. A built BMX bike includes parts that a biker prefers. In most cases, a biker has to understand how the bike works to design one fully.

Usually, complete BMX bikes tend to be relatively affordable compared to their counterparts, the build ones. Fortunately, you can always upgrade parts of a complete BMX bike to best suit your needs. And although built BMX bikes are relatively expensive, they are still favored by most bikers, especially pro BMX bikers.

BMX Repairs

As you move up the ladder from a beginner to a pro BMX rider, your complete BMX bike will have to be leveled up. On the other hand, a built BMX bike will only require routine maintenance.

Depending on your riding skills, you will be forced to repair your BMX bike more often. For example, when you perform rigorous stunts, some parts of your BMX bike will make some noise. This is referred to as abuse which will, in turn, influence your maintenance schedule.


Different brands offer price ranges, and following a BMX trend is often one of the famous ways of researching for a bike. To find a product that best suits your needs and goes at an affordable rate, you should consider reading the review of BMX bikes from different brands. Furthermore, BMX blogs are also an excellent resource for your purchase inclination.

Why Are BMX Bikes Pricey?

BMX bikes tend to be very expensive due to three main reasons;

· They are relatively light in weight, making them ideal for performing stunts.

· BMX bikes are very strong and durable, allowing them to adapt to rough usage in skate parks and streets.

· They feature responsive design making it relatively easy to maneuver in tight spaces and motivates one to go over the edge and even further.

If you are looking for a pro BMX bike, it is very challenging and near impossible to find one below $500. In fact, some high-end brands design BMX bikes that go for over $4000. Daylight is an excellent example of brands that design some of the most expensive BMX bikes.

However, you should note that an expensive BMX bike does not mean your skills improves immediately, or you will become a pro all of a sudden. As a BMX rider, you just don’t pedal hard and throw your bike into the air; you will need to master top-notch skills and lots of practice in order to become a pro.

You should not only focus on the bike but also on yourself. To become a pro BMX biker, it takes lots of accuracy and precision. But still, a high-end or a pro BMX bike fitted with top-notch quality parts makes it relatively easy for one to become a pro biker; however, you should always remember that practice makes perfect. Therefore, to become a successful BMX rider, you will need to put in more effort and time in addition to purchasing a high-quality BMX bike.

Expensive BMX bikes should have the following aspects;

· Frames that are made from 100% Chromoly.

· Light alloys.

· Brand name.

· Features that help in saving weight.

· Aftermarket parts.

· High-grade aluminum.

Why The First BMX Bike Should Not Be An Expensive Purchase

As a newbie, the last thing you would want to do is purchase a relatively expensive or a high-end BMX bike. In most cases, newbies purchase BMX bikes for four main reasons;

· To perform stunts and tricks.

· To keep fit and stronger by burning excess calories through cycling.

· Aesthetics. Most newbies want to present themselves in a cool, stylish, and unique way.

· To commute to work or school.

When going to purchase a BMX bike, you probably are working on a tight budget, and as a result, it is highly recommended not to purchase an expensive BMX bike and go amateur level. Consider purchasing an affordable BMX bike that will go a long way.

Which One Is Affordable; Purchasing A BMX Bike or Building A BMX Bike?

Purchasing a BMX is undoubtedly more affordable than building one. Building a BMX or allowing a bike store to build one for you is a rewarding experience; however, it is pretty much expensive.

Although a custom designed BMX bike will suit your needs, it will cost you upwards of $1,000. This is because you will need to purchase all the vital parts that are undoubtedly very expensive and pay for assembling service.

How Expensive Is It to Modify A Complete BMX Bike?

If you are planning on modifying your complete BMX bike, you would want to purchase high-quality parts for excellent construction. Nonetheless, there are parts that can be upgraded later, such as a pair of wheels.

But if you haven’t found a great pair, you will need to replace your wheels. A BMX bike requires a good set of wheels; however, you should keep in mind that a new pair of BMX bike wheels are relatively expensive.

Trying to reduce cost when modifying your BMX bike is never a great choice. This is because you might end up purchasing low-quality parts for your BMX bike, affecting its performance. The frame is also a vital part that will need an upgrade.

Full Chromoly frames are considered the best for a BMX bike; however, they are very expensive.

Fortunately, such frames often come with a lifetime warranty making them an excellent investment. Combining a full Chromoly frame and a pair of wheels could end up becoming more expensive than your bike. This means that modifying a complete BMX bike is very expensive.

Final Words

BMX bikes are among the most expensive bikes in today’s market. However, this is because of the top-notch design that makes them ideal for racing. In addition to having high purchasing costs, the maintenance cost of a BMX bike also tends to be high, especially if you love performing stunts and high jumps. You will be forced to replace worn-out parts and are often pricey.

Fortunately, with great maintenance and upgrades, BMX bikes can last for an extended period. In fact, most parts in a BMX bike are designed to last for approximately 1000 to 3000 miles.

When you maintain a close eye and take care of your BMX bike, it can last for decades. With that said, we hope you have found this article beneficial and that the question on how much do BMX Bikes cost? has been answered.

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