How To Store A BMX Bike? (Properly)

BMX bike storage is an inevitable requirement once you purchase a bike. You will have to store your BMX bike somewhere safe. However, leaving it outside leaned against the wall or locked to your fence is never the perfect solution.

This is because you will be exposing your bike to the outside weather, resulting in damages and reducing your bike’s longevity.

As a result, storing your BMX bike indoors is paramount. You might consider storing your BMX bike in your apartment, house, gear shed, or garage. From here, variations become plentiful, from DIY storage design to stylish wall amounts; in this article, we shall be discussing how to store a BMX bike.

How To Store A BMX Bike?

There are various ways in which you can store your BMX bike, and in this section, we shall be discussing some of the best;

Using Bike Racks

Storage bike racks differ significantly from freestanding racks to stylish wall mounts and ceiling mounts.

The idea is the same; store your BMX bike, keep it off the ground to protect it against dirt getting scratched, and store it in a position preventing it from being knocked over, potentially damaging your bike. Some of the standard bike racks include;

Using Kickstands

Kickstands are among the primary storage options for storing your BMX bike and great for keeping your bike upright in the garage.

Kickstands are ideal for storing several bikes at a go making them ideal for bike tourers.

Freestanding Racks

These bike storage racks are ideal for garages or areas where you cannot mount a rack on a wall.

Freestanding racks are designed to hold two BMX bikes or more and are relatively easy to relocate when rearranging your house, carrying out cleaning, or changing your house or apartment.

Using Floor Stands

These are bike racks similar to those you used in grade school. They are basically long metal bar racks with vertical slats designed to hold a single BMX bike.

This type of bike rack is ideal for use if you have significant floor space. Front stands are ideal for use in hallways and garages. All that is required of you is to pop the back or front wheel, and you will be good to go.

Wall Mounts

If you have limited space, a wall mount bike rack will be best for you. Furthermore, this type of bike rack offers the most variety in today’s market.

Some of the commonly available choices include hook and tray, a simple hook, hinges, and horizontal wall mounts.

Gravity Stands

These bike stands are designed to lean against flat sections of a wall and stabilize using the bike’s weight.

The best part about using this stand in storing your BMX bike is that it does not require drilling the wall. Furthermore, these stands are capable of holding up to two bikes.

Hoist Bike Storage

This is an excellent alternative for a standard ceiling rack, and it is ideal for high ceilings when you cannot access your bike on a standard mount or hook rack.

The Hoist bike storage rack raises a bike up and out of your way, freeing up space in your loft, garage, or walk-in closet. They incorporate an efficient pulley system that aids in lifting and lowering the bike.

Ceiling Mounts

If you own a garage or a gear room, this bike storage rack will be best for you. The ceiling mount storage rack is ideal for storing several bikes at a go.

Furthermore, it features an easy-to-set-up design and will help you save a significant amount of space. Since BMX bikes are relatively light in weight, this storage rack will be best for your bike.

In Travel Cases

If you plan to travel with your bike by train, boat, or even plane, you should consider purchasing a travel case for easy storage and enhancing portability.

Much better than retrofitting your bike’s cardboard box, these soft-shell and hard cases incorporate wheels that make it easy to move around with your bike. The best part is that they offer top-notch protection against baggage carrier’s jostles and bumps.

Operating these bike travel cases needs some mechanical skills. Most of these bags are designed to hold your bike in different states of disassembly, such as removing the wheels and handlebar.

Therefore, to use these travel cases, you will need to know how to disassemble and assemble your BMX bike. Some of the commonly available bike travel cases include;

Soft-Shell Cases

These cases are designed of rugged and waterproof material (in most cases, it is wrapped in a light aluminum frame). It features top-notch internal padding capable of handling significantly high impacts while traveling.

These cases come fitted with wheels to aid in making the transportation process relatively easy. In addition to that, it features partitioning for keeping bike parts and accessories in the right place.

Using Hard-Shell Cases

These are the most rugged travel cases available in the market; as a result, it is the most secure option for storing and traveling with your BMX bike.

These cases have been designed using high-quality and durable plastic with an array of internal organization pockets to aid secure your unassembled BMX bike, with special places for the frame, wheels as well as detached handlebar.

In fact, some of these cases come fitted with storage areas for shoes, bike clothes, and helmets.

Inside Bike Covers

When storing your BMX bike outside for an extended period of time, having a bike cover is vital since it helps in protecting it from harsh weather. In addition to that, a bike cover will protect your bike against scratches, dirt, and dust as well.

Always remember to remove your seat covers before hopping to your bike so avoid getting wet or muddy; some of these covers come fitted with convenient storage pouches. It would help if you also remembered to clean and keep your seat covers dry to maintain their functionality and extend durability.

There are also various designs of bike covers to choose from, with the commonly available ones include;

Full Bike Covers

Having a full bike cover is vital if you plan to store your BMX bike for an extended period. Unlike travel cases, you will not have to disassemble anything when using bike covers; they are contoured as well as they feature high-quality material along with elastic straps for securing your bike.

Bike covers are primarily designed to keep your BMX bike grime-free and dust-free. In addition to that, some of the bike covers are both UV and waterproof along with you to store your bike outdoors without any worries.

They also offer additional protection from any accidental scraping or scratching of your BMX bike.

Waterproof Seat Covers

These covers are primarily used to protect the saddle from various elements and keep it dry. Such covers are vital for use among individuals who ride their BMX more often and need to store or lock them outdoors.

These covers are ideal for use if your bike’s seat is designed from plastic, nylon, or leather. This is because such materials tend to age prematurely when exposed to UV light from the sun and foul weather.

Vehicle Bike Covers

These covers are designed to keep out bugs along with other debris from spattering on your frame when your bike is stored on the roof of your vehicle.

With this cover, your handlebar, top tube front fork, along with the seat of your bike are guaranteed top-notch protection.

What Are The Considerations Of Storing BMX Bike?

When storing a BMX bike here are some of the vital considerations you should keep in mind;

Storage Space

The technique you use to store your BMX bike will highly depend on the available space in your house, garage, storage shed, or apartment. Various storage techniques are discussed earlier in the article; however, storage racks are considered the best for use in areas with tight storage space. This is because you can store your BMX bike vertically, allowing you to save more space.

Your Bike’s Weight

You will need to take into account the weight of your BMX bike when storing it in your house or apartment. The last thing you want to happen is your bike coming crashing down. Therefore, ensure you use a storage method that is appropriate for your bike’s weight.

Security Matters

Will you be storing your bike in an area where other people can access it with ease? If yes, then you should consider investing in wall mounts that come fitted with a lock for additional safety. This will help in making your bike theft-proof.

Wheel Size

You should ensure that the bike storage rack you intend to use will accommodate your BMX bike. If you plan to store your bike on a floor stand, you should consider double checking your wheel size and ensuring that the rack can accommodate the tire width.

Floor And Wall Protection

When storing your BMX bike in your living room, look for models that protect the floor and wall from grease and dirt that come from your bike, especially during wet weather.

Final Words

Storing your BMX bike properly helps in enhancing its durability and boosts its longevity. Proper storage of your bike will protect it against harsh weather, including UV rays and heavy downpours.

As we conclude, we hope that you have benefited significantly from this article and that the question on how to store a BMX bike? has been answered.

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  1. If your bike gets dirty, for example if you ride trails a lot, then you will want to bump up the frequency of how often you take things apart to clean and re-grease or lubricate things. When it comes to greasing the internals on your hubs, try to avoid getting grease on your driver and use something like white lightning instead on the pawls. Sometimes grease can keep your pawls from properly functioning and it will cause uneven wear on the hub shell or you will get some slipping.


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