Why Do BMX Bikes Have Small Sprockets? (+ Bonus Info)

Sprockets form the core of the bike’s propulsion mechanism. It is on the sprockets that the chains are mounted and used to transfer the rotary motions to the back wheels. Sprockets are available in many shapes and sizes. If you have ridden a BMX bike, you will note that it has a smaller sprocket.

But why is this the case? Could it be that the design is deliberate? Are there some benefits that come along with this small size sprocket? We have carried out extensive research in the field and are going to showcase the benefits here below.

Why Do BMX Bikes Have Small Sprockets?

Below are some of the outstanding benefits of the small sprockets that make the BMX bikes stand out:

1. Facilitates pedaling

Smaller sprockets do facilitate pedaling considerably. It lowers the chain to the extent of it getting into direct contact with the top of the brakes. Through this arrangement, you will not have to struggle to steer the bike from one area to another one. Of course, this leads to less tiring on your part.

2. Generates greater force

These kinds of sprockets do bend less easily when compared to the larger counterparts. By virtue of this, they generate greater force in the sense that they demand less effort on your part. You find this great when taking on the steep slopes or having to cycle for too long.

3. Yields forth more contact surface

To steer your bike well, you need to have more contact with the pedal surface. Smaller sprockets have been noted to yield more contact surfaces compared to their larger counterparts. This in turn makes the task of pedaling a little bit more comfortable and fulfilling.

4. Navigates obstacles with ease

Studies have deduced that the smaller sprockets tend to navigate the obstacles with much ease. They are a lot easier to keep from engaging the inert objects that may lie along the path of the bike. If you intend to carry out some tricks, you will find this trait indispensable.

5. It’s More enduring

The typical riding trail contains many obstacles that have to be avoided and navigated. These obstacles have the attendant impact of inflicting damages and reducing the lifespans of the bikes on the whole. Yet again, smaller sprockets have been found to be more enduring of them.

6. Lighter and more maneuverable

Compared to their larger counterparts, the smaller sprockets are also lighter and maneuverable. They do not impose too much strain and weight on you. As a result of this, you will find them great for the prolonged bike riding undertakings and for maneuvering treacherous terrains.

7. Great for the off-road conditions

If your search for the right bike is mainly dictated by the need for tackling the off-road conditions, yet again you have the smaller sprockets to set your eyes on. These have been known to be agile and able to handle off-road conditions with an absolute degree of efficacy.

8. Small sprockets are good for racing

Owing to their light and maneuverable nature, these sprockets are also great for racing. Hardly do they interfere with your movements while also ensuring smoother rides all along. Particularly, they take on the harsh and winding terrains with exceptional ease. Need we add that they allow for prolonged use?

9. Smoother and more agile

Even though you will have to invest some effort to steer the small sprocket, you will generally require less effort due to the smoother and more agile nature thereof. With this arrangement comes the benefit of less stress on the chains and more fulfilling experiences on the whole.

10. Kinder on your legs and lower muscles

Obviously, when cycling, you will naturally engage your legs and the lower muscles extensively. Nonetheless, the amount of effort and the muscle power you invest for steering the smaller sprockets are less than that of their larger counterparts. Put differently: smaller sprockets are kinder on your legs and lower muscles.

11. Faster and speedier

When all factors are put into consideration, the smaller sprockets are faster and speedier than their larger counterparts. This is to means that they take you to your destination within a shorter duration of time. Why take longer to accrue or achieve an end you can achieve faster?

12. Requires less torque when turning

To turn your bike around and about a sharp bend, you will definitely need to put in some torque. The amount of torque nonetheless differs when engaging a smaller sprocket than when tackling a larger one. You generally expend less of it and hence spare your body of the stress that comes along.

Some Unique Advantages Of BMX Bikes

By virtue of comprising the small sprockets, the BMX bikes have some unique advantages. Here now are the advantages that these bikes have that others lack:

Lightweight and easier to transport

These bikes are lighter and subsequently easier to transport. Thanks to the light nature, they also steer easily and are less likely to impede your own progress. These twin traits come in handy mostly when taking on very difficult terrain or sloppy areas.


Considering that the bikes have fewer parts, they are generally less expensive than their full-bodied counterparts. This makes them fall well within the reach of many individuals and the households that may find it worthy to engage for their use.

But the prices are slowly climbing up, you check out this post for the better.

Less servicing

Even though you will have to service it from time to time, the costs of doing so are considerably limited. They are strong and durable and hardly break down as their huge counterparts ordinarily do. Then, they also tend to endure many spates of damages that may be hurled against them.

Awesome stopping power

These bikes lack brakes. As such, they are a lot easier to bring to a halt. Regardless of how fast they move, you will usually bring them to a halt a lot faster and promptly. That they do not use the breaks also enable you to handle them with a fairer degree of zeal.

Powerful wheels

Of all the unique traits and benefits that these bikes have to bring along, it is the set of powerful wheels that stand out. The wheels are typically wider and able to maintain awesome stability along the routes. They prevent you from falling off and even posing yourself to unnecessary dangers when on the way.

More stable

The smaller sprockets are more symmetrical than their larger counterparts. Because of this, the bikes are more stable and less likely to fall off even when the terrains are treacherous. You have some peace of mind to leverage as a result of getting your hands on these bikes.


Also stemming from the above is the fact that the bike is well-balanced. It hardly sways to one direction at the expense of the other. Further to this, the bike also maintains smoother rides even when taking on a terrain that is otherwise tricky.

Overall Benefits Of Riding BMX Bikes

Besides the physical structures of the bikes themselves, there are certain benefits that come along with riding them. Below now are some of these benefits explained in details:

Strengthens the lower back regions

The structure of the bike compels the riders to stay in an upright and good posture. Thanks to this wonderful position, you are able to work your lower back regions. As such, you stand to experience fewer incidences of back pains and more robust health for you.

Improved mental health

Your mental health is also not left out either. It too is impacted by consistent riding of the bike. Particularly, consistent bike riding releases the buildup of stress and other issues that usually degenerate to depression or too much anxiety. With sound mental health comes great balance.

Aids in weight loss

Are you too obese or heavy? Yet again, riding the bike consistently will help you to shed off excess weight. It melts away all the fat to make you cut down to size. Then again, consistent exercising does improve the metabolism of the body that leads to proper burning of fat.

Builds muscles

A typical bike riding exercise entails the extensive use of muscles. Muscles are generally strengthened by use and weakened by disuse. It hence goes that riding the bike regularly strengthens the muscles to keep you well-tuned. This empowers you to handle and tackle many other brawn-related tasks easily.

Good for your heart health

The heart forms the core of the human body. It is the one that pumps and circulates blood to the uttermost parts of the body. Given its significance, its health is also paramount to the body. Fortunately, riding the BMX bikes consistently does impact the health of the heart positively.

In Conclusion

The fact that the BMX bikes have smaller sprockets generally brings about greater benefits to the human body. It appears the manufacturers of the bike had the wisdom and foreknowledge that other competitors lacked. All these reasons are more than enough to convince you to choose such a bike.

Just if you have a bike with large sprockets, you need not fret. It is still possible for you to replace and retrofit the same with a smaller variant. To go about this issue, we ask you to approach a dealer or a licensed bike repairer as these are the entities that have the necessary expertise for the job.

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