Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (Everything Explained)

If you love high-adrenaline bike riding, BMX bikes are your perfect option. They are designed to endure stress and challenges that come with the nature of BMX sports. Bikers prefer these bikes because they can pull off stunts and tricks that most bikes won’t.

Additionally, BMX bikes are very affordable and they do not have high maintenance costs. With all these features, you can very easily conclude that BMX bikes are the best. However, are they really that perfect? Find out everything you need to know about these bikes in this article.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance?

Even though BMX bikes have a different design, you can use them to commute over small distances. However, how good are they when it comes to long-distance commuting? Well, BMX bikes are not perfect for long distance riding.

Why BMX Bikes are not Good for Long Distance?

BMX bikes have plenty of advantages. Unfortunately, long distance riding is not one of their fortes. Here are the main reasons why:

1. BMX Bikes Have Shorter Frames

As compared to MTBs or any other standard bikes, BMX bikes have the shortest frames. Even though the frames are light and strong, their short length makes it hard for bikers to ride them comfortably.

The shorter frames also affect the bikes’ navigation abilities over long distances.

2. The Bikes Have Low-Lying Seats

In order to pull the stunts and tricks that BMX bikes pull, the seats must be as low as possible. Low seats make it easier to roll and jump in ways that normal bikes can’t.

While the low-lying seats are perfect for enhancing the bikes’ main purpose (doing stunts and tricks), they hinder the ability of bikers to ride them comfortably over long distances.

For one to commute over long distances using a bike, comfort is mandatory. These low-lying seats do not facilitate that.

3. Pedaling is not Easy

BMX bikes are designed in a way that bikers can ride them while standing. It is the only way that you can pedal these bikes without hurting your knees especially if you are a tall person. For you to commute over long distances, you must be able to pedal easily without any limiting factors.

Yes, you can pedal while standing, but how long are you going to last? Fatigue will kick in as soon as you cover your first mile or two.

4. The Functions of BMX Bikes Gears are Limited

Most standard BMX bikes come with one gear. Usually, the size of the gear depends on the bike’s overall size and power. A single gear system is suitable for undertaking biking tricks.

However, assuming you want to ride your BMX bike over an uneven terrain, you will struggle a lot given that different surfaces require different gears to navigate smoothly. For instance, a mountain bike has over 20 gears with each one of them having a specific role when touring different terrains.

5. BMX Bike Wheels Are Not Suitable for Long Distances

The wheels of a BMX bike are just standard. They are light and agile to endure the pressure that comes with trick riding and jumping. However, that is where the line is drawn. A BMX bike’s wheels are relatively smaller as compared to those of a mountain bike.

This makes it hard for the wheels to absorb shock and vibrations in the same way that standard bikes do. Additionally, when riding a BMX bike, the biker absorbs all the vibrations and shocks from the terrain. This makes it hard to ride over long distances comfortably.

How BMX Bikes Can Be Good for Long Distance Commuting

It is understandable that you might not be able to find a bike for long distance commuting while all you have is a BMX bike. Fortunately, you can play around with the bike’s features and use it for commuting over long distances.

You just have to know what to do and how to do it. Consider the following tips:

1. Go for BMX Bikes with Adjustable Frames

Today, it is possible to find BMX bikes with slightly adjustable frames. With this, you can adjust the frames when you are not jumping or riding for fun. The extra length will allow you to ride your bike slightly comfortably.

2. Consider BMX Bikes with Well-Padded Seats

BMX bike manufacturers rarely pay attention to padding their bikes’ seats because most bikers ride the bikes while standing, anyway. As a result, sitting on those seats for longer periods may hurt your back.

However, you can opt for BMX bikes with properly-padded seats or replace them yourself. Additionally, you should opt for a bike with an adjustable seat. With this, you can always adjust the length of your seat depending on how you intend to use your bike.

A combination of a well-padded seat together with the ability to adjust easily will guarantee you the comfort that you need to ride your BMX bike over long distances.

3. Try BMX Cruiser Bikes

BMX cruiser bikes are slightly different from the standard BMX bikes. These bikes have larger wheels that allow them to endure vibrations and shocks as compared to their standard counterparts.

If you intend to use your BMX bike for commuting, a BMX cruiser bike is your perfect option. Pedaling this bike is also more comfortable as compared to the standard BMX bikes.


In today’s world, biking is an extremely famous sport. BMX bikes, in particular, have continued to take the world by storm. New models hit the market every day. They are perfect for performing stunts, dirt jumping, and agile riding.

However, BMX bikes are not good for long distance riding. This can be attributed to the bikes’ design and the manufacturers’ intentions for the products. BMX bikes have shorter frames, low-lying seats and pedaling is not easy.

When you put all these features together, they make the riding experience uncomfortable especially over long distances. The only way you can ride a BMX bike comfortably is if you stand while riding. Even so, you will not last for a long time before getting tired.

Nonetheless, you can play around with your BMX bike’s features until you are comfortable enough to ride over long distances. This includes having adjustable frames and seats, padding your seats well and opting for BMX cruiser bikes.

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