Are BMX Bikes Good For Cruising? (+ Other Crucial Info)

BMX bikes have been around for a considerable amount of time now. They are famous because they allow bikers to perform outstanding tricks and pull stunts that other bikes cannot. The BMX bikes are modified for jumping from high places and they are very flexible.

Most of the BMX bike lovers are young and vibrant. They are people who can take advantage of the bike’s full features. With the awesome tires and the light and strong frames, it is easy to see why BMX bikes are so popular all over the world.

In this article, we look at everything there is to know about BMX bikes. We also answer any questions that you may have regarding these awesome bikes.

Are BMX Bikes Good For Cruising?

If by cruising you mean moving from point A to point B without pulling any stunts or attempting any tricks, then the outright answer for this question is NO. BMX bikes are not good for cruising. These bikes are designed for a very specific purpose and cruising is not it.

Cruising does not require much effort. If you try to cruise with your BMX bike, you will notice that you will be using a lot of effort as compared to using the other types of bikes.

The design of BMX bikes is not suitable for transportation or exercising either! Simply put, it is inappropriate to use your BMX bike for general cycling.

On the other hand, BMX bikes are not suitable for exercising because they can be very slow as compared to the other bikes built specifically for exercising. With that, we can conclude that BMX bikes are not suitable for cruising, not for more than two miles at least.

Why is a BMX Bike not Suitable for Cruising?

The physical design of a BMX bike makes it unsuitable for cruising. Consider the facts below:

  • The Seat is Too Low

Cruising requires comfort! You need to sit down properly and make yourself flexible. The fact that BMX bikes have low-lying seats makes them unsuitable for cruising. It is very hard to ride for over two miles while seating on such low seats that come with these bikes.

  • No Room for Leg Extension

Still on the point of comfort, BMX bikes do not allow for full leg extension when peddling given that they have low-lying seats. The only way you can achieve this is by standing when peddling. It is challenging to ride over long distances when peddling while standing. The challenge is bigger for taller bikers.

  • The Bike’s Gear System is Limited

It is not always that you will be cruising on flat terrain. Sometimes you might have to ride over hilly and uneven terrains. When this happens, chances are your BMX bike will not be able to cope. The gearing ratio of a BMX bike is very limited. This makes it hard to cruise over hilly terrains.

  • The Size of the Tires and Frame

A BMX bike’s tires are not suitable for riding over long distances. Yes, they can withstand impact and can glide over varying terrains, but they can’t withstand long distances.

On the other hand, the bikes’ frames are usually shorter as compared to the bikes designed for cruising. The short frames limit your comfort and ability to ride over long distances comfortably.

Are BMX Cruiser Bikes Suitable for Cruising?

You might think that the name “cruiser” makes these types of bikes suitable for cruising. Well, you are wrong. The only major difference between normal BMX bikes and the BMX cruiser bikes is that the latter has slightly larger wheels.

Even though you might solve the problem of normal BMX bikes not being able to cover long distances because of the size of their wheels, the slightly bigger BMX cruiser bikes tires do not solve the other disadvantages.

The large tires do not solve the problem of comfort! Still, the BMX cruiser bikes have low-lying seats and there is not much room for your legs to stretch when pedaling. It also doesn’t solve the problem of shorter frames.

BMX cruiser bikes are around majorly because of their brilliant jumping and rolling abilities, not because of their ability to cruise. If anything, these bikes are not as agile. They cannot move around the track perfectly as proper stunt bikes do.

When Can BMX Bikes Be Great for Cruising?

The main reason why BMX bikes are not suitable for cruising is because of the discomfort that comes with riding over long distances. Does this mean that you can use these bikes to cruise over short distances where you are comfortable? Absolutely yes!

Cruising with a BMX bike isn’t going to be as decent as any other type of bike, but it will definitely take you from one point to another. The best time to use your BMX bike for cruising is when you are dealing with tricky terrain or when you have to make some “jumps” along the way.

Can You Convert BMX Bikes for Cruising?

Yes, you can convert your BMX cruiser bike in a way. Due to the fact that the bikes have larger tires as compared to the normal BMX bikes, the cruiser bikes have more efficient pedaling experience.

In that case, if you are looking for a BMX bike that you can cruise with for longer distances, the cruisers should be your first option. Even though the problem of shorter frames cannot be fixed permanently, you can get a BMX cruiser bike that allows for frame length extension.

Thanks to the growth of technology, it is now possible to find BMX cruiser bikes with longer frames. However, the frames are not as long as those of the bikes designed specifically for cruising.

How to Pick a BMX Bike For Cruising

Who is to say that you can’t have a BMX bike and cruise at the same time? Well, if you are into BMX bikes and you would like to enjoy cruising every once in a while, you can do that by purchasing the right BMX bike for cruising.

Picking the right brand of BMX bike can be very challenging especially if you are a beginner. However, the tips below will take you a step closer towards finding your perfect BMX bike:

  • Consider Your Main Reason for Purchasing a BMX Bike

Keep in mind that you are looking for a BMX bike. Its ability to cruise is just a secondary feature. In that case, consider where you wish to be riding your bike. Today, it is possible to have bikes suitable for riding in parks, streets, flatland, race courses, and trails.

The type of BMX bike that you buy will hugely depend on how you intend to use it.

  • Pick the right Frames

BMX bikes are known to have shorter frames. However, some have adjustable frames and they are the ones that you should be looking out for. With this type of BMX bike, you can comfortably adjust the frame to suit your needs.

Shorter frames are suitable for jumping and performing stunts while longer frames are suitable for cruising. Additionally, always pick a bike with a frame made from the right materials.

Steel frames are highly resistant to fatigue and are easy to repair. Aluminum frames on the other hand are perfect for BMX racing because they are lightweight.

  • The Size of the tires

The average size of a BMX bike’s tires is 20 inches. This is way smaller as compared to what the bikes designed for cruising have. If you are looking for a BMX bike that you can use for cruising as well, consider one with larger wheels.

Today, you can get BMX cruisers, which have tires measuring up to 24 inches. These bikes are suitable for taller people and can be as closer to offering cruising services as BMX bikes can be.

  • The Quality of the Seats

Normally, BMX bikes are not usually padded because bikers who use these types of bikes rarely sit down when riding. With such seats, it’s going to be uncomfortable to cruise over long distances.

In that case, if you want a BMX bike that will double up as a cruiser, finding one that has perfectly padded seats is a wise idea. If you can find a bike with an adjustable seat, that would be better.

When you are riding for fun and performing stunts while jumping, you can adjust the seat to the lowest level. When you simply want to cruise, you can raise the seats level to one where you can ride comfortably over a longer distance.

What are BMX Bikes Suitable for?

Now that we have learned that cruising is not a BMX bike’s main forte, let’s’ focus on some of the advantages that you can enjoy with this product in place:

1. Fun Riding

Is there a difference between riding a bike for fun and cruising? Yes, there is. The materials that make up a BMX bike are very light. The bike is also very flexible and can perform a lot of stunts. With it, you can compete with your friends and wow your spectators with amazing tricks.

With a quality BMX bike, you can put in a great show for your viewers. This bike’s design was created with fun and creativity in mind. If you are bored in the house, grab your BMX bike and head out and have some fun.

2. A BMX Bike Can Improve Your Heart Health

Even though a BMX bike is not always your number one choice when you are looking for a bike to exercise, it serves as a great aerobic workout option. Regular BMX biking will result in better health and reduce the chances of suffering from heart-related diseases.

Your body also benefits from better blood circulation, and proper functioning of your body parts.

3. BMX Biking Builds Muscles

One of the most effective ways of toning your body is by taking part in BMX biking activities. This type of backing has been proven to be beneficial for toning the lower half of your body. Additionally, people who have problems with their joints and associated diseases can greatly benefit from this activity.

Plenty of high-quality BMX bike brands that are suitable for full body workout are now available. All you have to do is pick one that is suitable to your needs.

4. Use BMX Biking to Lose Weight

Given that BMX biking is suitable for aerobic exercises, you can use it to shed some weight. For starters, you can begin with lower speeds and intensity as you improve gradually.

The main advantage about using BMX biking to reduce weight is that you get to have fun while at it. It is a fun way to lose some weight and remain fit.

5. Inexpensive and Easy to Maintain

If you want to have some bike fun but you are on a budget, a BMX bike is your perfect option. Aside from being very affordable, the parts that make up this bike are not as complicated. This means that you do not have to perform maintenance services on this bike time and again.


BMX bikes are very popular all over the world. BMX racing continues to be a sport accepted and recognized by many biking lovers. While it is true that these bikes are great for stunts and jumping, there has been a never-ending debate on whether they are suitable for cruising or not.

Naturally, BMX bikes are not designed for cruising especially over long distances. They have very low seats, shorter frames and their tires cannot sustain long distance riding conveniently. With these aspects in mind, riding a BMX bike over long distances is very uncomfortable.

However, if you find a way to solve the problems that come with the mentioned features, you can use your BMX bike for cruising purposes. If you think that you will need to cruise with your BMX bike, consider one that has an adjustable frame and seat. The seat should be well padded as well.

In most cases, a BMX cruiser bike is your most viable option. Alternatively, you can just stick to riding your bike over short distances or purchasing one that is suitable for cruising.

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