Why Is Your BMX Bike So Heavy? (Everything Explained)

BMX bikes are unique and stand out from other bikes designed for sports. While mountain bikers and road bikers often look for weight-saving tricks, BMX riders, on the other hand, tend to focus more on strength building along with technique to improve their performance on the track. So, why is my BMX bike so heavy? This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to BMX bikes. To better understand why your BMX bike is heavy, consider reading this article to the end.

Why Is My BMX Bike So Heavy?

To understand why your BMX bike is heavy, you will first need to understand the standard weight of a BMX bike. With that in mind, you will need to understand what makes them weigh that much and how you can fix it, and your BMX lighter. With that said, let’s first understand the standard weight of a BMX bike.

The average weight of a BMX bike is approximately 25 pounds or 11.4 kilograms. A competition-spec bike with updated components tends to weigh approximately 20 pounds or 9.1 kilograms. However, most non-competitive riders often think that this weight feels very fragile. Usually, anything below 25 pounds or 11.4 kilograms is considered light enough.

However, why is my BMX bike so heavy? This is due to the component of the bike. If your BMX bike weighs over 27 pounds, it will be considered heavy, and this is often affected by pegs, gyro, brakes, and hub guard. These components are said to make up for a lot of weight in a BMX bike.

In addition to that, a material used in designing a BMX bike also determines its weight significantly. If your BMX bike is not made from carbon fiber or aluminum material, it will be substantially heavy, especially if steel is used. Furthermore, Chromoly frames are said to be a bit heavy.

Although your BMX bike might be heavy, older BMX bikes were much heavier, weighing close to 40 pounds. As time progresses, BMX bikes improve; they are getting lighter, more versatile, and highly durable. Therefore, the weight of your BMX bike should never hold you back.

When compared to a standard mountain bike, a BMX bike is said to weigh more. However, this is due to its components, such as the frames and handlebars. The best part about heavy BMX bikes is that they are pretty much affordable.

Heavyweight vs. Lightweight BMX Bikes

Let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of heavyweight vs. lightweight BMX bikes.



  • They offer top-notch stability.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • Tend to be more durable compared to their counterpart lightweight BMX
  • They are ideal for an array of styles


  • These bikes need more effort and energy to peddle because of their immense weight. While it has the main downside, it is still ideal for exercise.



  • They are fast and agile.
  • They have better resale value.
  • They are ideal for competitive purposes because of their top-notch speed.


  • They tend to be twitchy.
  • They are pricey
  • They are best suited for use on smooth tracks only.
  • They are sensitive to bumps; as a result, they are not ideal for off-road.

If you love the fast and ideal bikes for road racing, then a lightweight BMX bike will be best for you. However, choices made between a lightweight and a heavyweight BMX bike will highly depend on your preference.

According to most riders, a lightweight BMX bike is more unstable and requires frequent replacement, making it very expensive to maintain and cost more than its original price. On the other hand, as an individual, you might think that heavyweight BMX bikes make it challenging to perform stunts since they need more effort; however, this is never the case.

Most BMX riders prefer maintaining balance to being excess weight. This means that you should not just concentrate on the weight of your bike since the quality of your BMX matters the most. How durable your BMX is vital to all BMX bike riders out there.

This is something you need to emphasize more since BMX bikes tend to be very expensive compared to regular bikes. As a result, you would want to invest in a high-quality bike that will last for an extended period than investing in one you will have to replace after a few months.

However, if you want a bike that will allow you to jump higher and spin fast, then a lightweight BMX bike will do the trick. This is because most lightweight BMX bikes are made from titanium; however, they are very expensive.

How To Reduce The Weight of Your BMX Bike?

If you find your heavyweight BMX bike challenging to perform top-notch stunts and tricks, you can always reduce its weight to meet your needs. Therefore, if you are planning on reducing the weight of your BMX bike, here is a quick list of areas you should start with.

However, when looking for new parts to replace the old and heavy parts, you should keep in mind that strength is essential rather than weight. If the new parts weigh significantly less, then chances are they are costly, or they are less durable.

With that said, here are critical parts you can change to reduce the weight of your BMX bike;


Frames are undoubtedly the biggest weight-savings in BMX bikes. Therefore, if you want to reduce the weight of your bike, the first you should consider changing is the frame. Consider investing in a high-quality and lightweight frame for your BMX bike. However, you should note that they are pretty much expensive due to the material used, which in most cases is titanium. If you have good cash, you can always go for it. If not, then you should look for other affordable and yet durable options.


Wheels are also responsible for adding a significant amount of weight to your BMX bike. Getting rid of every spoke and upgrading to lightweight inner tubes and tires, and drilling holes in your rims will help reduce a significant amount of weight in your BMX bike.


This will not cost you anything. Since brakes are also considered to increase the weight of a BMX bike, you should consider going brakeless to shed some amount of weight and make your bike much lighter.


This is the part you can upgrade with utmost ease and get rid of a significant amount of weight. It is essential that you invest in a high-quality product; you do not want to replace forks every time.

Seat post

Consider purchasing a significantly lightweight seat post. This will also help improve the weight of your BMX bike.


Pedals are other essential things you should consider when it comes to lowering the weight of your bike. Steel pedals are standard in BMX bikes and are also responsible for adding a significant amount of weight to bikes. Therefore, to minimize the weight of your bike, consider investing in an aluminum-made pedal.

To make your BMX bike light in weight, you should consider removing any excess part in your bike that you might not need. These accessories include reflectors, lights, chain guards, and additional pegs. However, you should avoid removing any essential parts and taking safety precautions before going ahead with this project.

BMX bike pegs can add additional weight making your bike heavier. Usually, this is because they are often made from steel with 1 peg weighing approximately 3 pounds. Therefore, getting rid of them means that your BMX bike becomes significantly lighter. However, if having pegs on your BMX bike is vital, you should consider investing in new pegs made from lightweight materials such as plastic and aluminum.

As previously stated, a frame is the heaviest part of a BMX bike; therefore, replacing it with a highly portable frame will help shed a significant amount of weight. When ensuring, you go for a product that is light in weight and relatively durable.

Why Is The Weight Of A BMX Bike Vital?

The weight of a BMX bike influences how fast you can accelerate and the speed you can peddle. A difference of even one pound will have an unnoticeable impact on your speed as well as acceleration; however, a difference of 20 pounds will be noticeable. In competitive bike racing, even a millisecond will differentiate between being in the first and second place, and the weight of your bike is often of the utmost significance.

However, for a cycling hobbyist, a BMX bike weighing a few pounds than another will not mean much of a difference. Actually, it will be more beneficial since it is cost-effective, making it ideal for weight loss and keeping fit.

In addition to that, weight also significantly impacts how you perform your stunts and tricks. Lightweight BMX bikes allow one to jump high and spin with the utmost ease since they require less effort. As a commuter, lightweight BMX bikes are also beneficial since they are relatively easy to lift and peddle every day.

Do BMX Bikes Have Weight Limits?

No, BMX bikes do not have an official weight limit. However, most bikes are designed to hold a maximum weight of approximately 225 to 275 pounds. But for BMX bikes, they can withstand a significantly large amount of weight; this makes it relatively easy to perform stunts and tricks.

However, there are suggested weight limits for each BMX bike. The Mini and Micro Mini BMX bikes are not capable of holding over 110 pounds since they are specially designed for kids. On the other hand, larger designs of BMX bikes like the Cruisers and Pro XXL are capable of holding over 165 pounds.

Cycling any BMX bike that is not able to bear your weight tends to be pretty much uncomfortable. In addition to that, there are safety aspects you will need to consider and the fact that you will eventually damage your bike if used more than the recommended weight limit.

There are BMI bikes designed to suit overweight individuals in today’s market, and customized bikes are also available. Therefore, a weight limit should never be a problem. All that is required of you is to visit your local BMX bike shop and look for a bike that will best suit your needs regarding height and body weight.

Whether you go for a lightweight or heavyweight BMX bike, it will fully depend on your preference. Therefore, weight should never be the major deciding factor; you will consider the size of your BMX and its quality before making a final decision.

Which Are Some of the Lightest BMX Bikes?

If your BMX bike is heavy and you would like to look for a lightweight product in the market, then you should consider checking out some of these products;

  • Redline Bikes Proline Race BMX Bike
  • Crumpton BMX
  • Elite 20″ BMX
  • Guerra Martyr 21″ Frame-Black
  • Big Ripper 29
  • Mongoose Legion L100
  • Mongoose Legion 80 BMX Bike
  • Redline Bike MX24

With a lightweight BMX bike, you will be able to ride faster and perform tricks and stunts more easily. While you don’t necessarily need a lightweight BMX bike since heavyweight BMX bikes offer top-notch stability and are ideal for normal riding, they remain to be excellent for stunts and competitions.

Final Words

Lightweight BMX bikes are not always better; while they help enhance responsiveness, these bikes are significantly expensive than their counterpart heavyweight BMX bikes. If you wondered why your BMX bike is so heavy, it has been designed to enhance stability and ideal for off-road. If you own a heavyweight BMX bike, it is ideal for exercising and cycling for fun. However, if you are looking for a BMX bike that will boost your stunts and tricks, then you should consider going for lightweight BMX bikes. In addition to that, heavyweight BMX bikes tend to be durable and cost-effective, making them an excellent product for a newbie. With that said, I hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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