Why Does Your BMX Bike Chain Keep Slipping? (Explained)

BMX bikes are the best when it comes to dirt jumping, freeriding, and cruising over short distances. Their short frames, low seats and flexible parts make these bikes very popular across the world. Today, you can find BMX bikes and sports in every continent.

However, just like mountain and road bikes, BMX bikes have their own set of challenges. When you acquire a new product, it will work conveniently for some time before the need for maintenance and repair arises.

In this piece, we are going to focus on some of the causes of BMX bike chain slips and their possible solutions.

Possible Reasons for BMX Bike Chain Slips

Why does my BMX bike chain keep slipping? Many BMX bikers (especially beginners) always ask this question. The truth is, there is no specific answer to this question. This is unfortunate considering that chains are the driving force behind all bikes.

However, we have come up with a list of the possible factors that might be causing you BMX bike chain to slip. Consider the following:

1. Loose Chains

One of the top reasons for chain slips is having loose chains. Normally, the chain should be tight enough to allow only small movement when pinching together. One of the ways to identify loose chains is by using your hands to try and pinch the chain links together.

If you can remove the chain easily or can touch the metal of the frame, it is an indication that your BMX bike chains are very loose and may be the cause for slipping.

2. Extra Long Chains

It is one thing to have loose chains and it is another to have very long chains. Both these factors can cause slipping but long chains are worse. Long chains are caused by having an extra amount of links.

For BMX bikes and single speed bikes, you cannot afford to have long chains because of their short rear dropouts.

3. Worn Chainrings

As you continue to use your BMX bike to dirt jump, roll, pull stunts and perform tricks, some of the bike’s parts will start to wear off. Chain rings are the most notorious when it comes to wearing off. Worn out chain rings can easily slip as you ride your bike.

However, this can be understood because the amount of pressure, friction and vibrations that they are subjected to is a lot. Chains and chain rings require regular maintenance and repair services. Lubing them regularly will see them last for longer periods.

How to Prevent Your Bike Chain from Slipping

It would be pointless to provide the causes of BMX bike chain slips without providing solutions. So, here you go:

1. Fix Loosely Hanging Chains

The moment you notice that your bike’s chain does not fit properly, you should adjust it immediately. Depending on the type of your BMX bike, you should be able to diagnose and repair this problem quickly and conveniently.

For loose chains, you can fix the problem by tightening well but making sure that you do not hit the rear triangle. It is very easy to over tighten a bike chain, which can cause snapping or pedaling issues.

2. Reduce the Long Chains to Fit

When you purchase a BMX bike, chances are that it will come with the right chain size. However, during your maintenance and repair services, it is possible to come to create longer links than was intended for your bike.

The only way to reduce the size of your chain is by reducing the amount of chain links. There is no straightforward answer as to how many links you must remove to have a perfect chain length. However, you can remove one link at a time while testing until you find the perfect fit.

To tell if your chain length is perfect, push the wheel as far forward as you can in the dropouts and wrap your chain around the chain rings. For the right chain length, the chain should be able to overlap itself by a single link.

While at it, you should be very careful on the chain links that you remove. Normally, you must rely on the master link. If you have no idea what this is, you can take your BMX bike to a bike shop for further assistance.

3. Lubricate Your Chains Regularly

Well-lubricated chains rarely malfunction. If the length is fine, the chain should be able to operate normally without slipping. Even in cases where rusty chains do not slip, they can make your pedaling experience difficult thereby affecting both your performances and that of the bike.

4. Replace Worn out Chains

Sometimes the chains are just worn out and no amount of lubing and repairing can help. When this happens, the only option left is replacing the entire chain system. Normally, a professional bike repair technician should be able to help.

The technician will recommend the right chain size and length then proceed to replacing the old one. Replacing the whole chain system can save you some money given that the worn chains will always demand repair every time and again.

Replacing the entire chain system solves the problem once and for all.

In Conclusion

For you to use your BMX bike to freeride, jump, pull stunts and perform amazing tricks, all of its parts have to be working properly. Having a chain that keeps slipping does not help your course.

Different factors can cause chain slips including loosely hanging chains, very long chains, non-lubricated chains and worn out chains.

The most obvious solutions to these problems include fixing the loosely hanging chains, reducing the amount of chain links on the long chains and lubricating the chains regularly.

However, it may come to a point where no amount of lubing or repairing your chains can help. When this happens, you will have no alternative but to replace the entire chain system.

For BMX bike chain problems that you cannot fix, hiring a trusted bike repair technician can help. The technician will analyze your problem, recommend the right solution, and then execute it perfectly.

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