Why are BMX Bike Seats So Low? (Everything Explained)

If you are a bike lover, you know that BMX bikes are different from mountain bikes and road bikes in so many ways. However, the feature that stands out uniquely is the length of the seats that BMX bikes have.

A standard BMX bike has a low-lying seat. This has been so since the inception of these wonderful bikes. BMX bikes are popular because of their ability to perform tricks, dirt jump, and amazing agility that facilitates top-quality stunts.

However, what does the low seats that come with BMX bikes have to do with any of these functions? Well, this article takes you through everything that you need to know about BMX bikes seats.

Why are BMX Bike Seats So Low?

Even if you are not popular with biking, you might be wondering; why are BMX bike seats so low? Well, here some answers for you to kill your curiosity:

1. Power

Any biker knows that for one to generate more power when cycling, your leg must be straight at the bottom of the stroke. However, this is different for BMX bikes. One way of achieving full power potential with these bikes is by standing when riding.

The second option is to use the low seats to generate more power as you ride. By pushing the seat closer to the frame, your legs come closer to your ears and you can generate more power easily.

Bikers also use this technique to protect their body from smashing on the frame. However, this method is only suitable when you are riding for fun. If you intend to use your BMX bike for cruising, you will have to change the seat back to its natural position.

2. Provides Better Clearance for Acrobatic Body Movement

The low seats that BMX bikes have pave way for acrobatic body movements. BMX bikes are all about fun, stunts, and tricks, some of which involve massive and quick body movements.

In BMX freestyle riding, sometimes you can jump off the ledger. When this happens, your legs will have to absorb the vibration and shock caused from landing given that BMX bikes do not have any suspensions.

When you land, it is normal that your legs will bend a little bit. The low seats that BMX bikes have provide you with enough room for your legs to absorb the landing impact without hurting your knees.

Assuming the seats were higher, as is the case with mountain and road bikes, pulling such stunts wouldn’t be easy. You would hurt your knees or genitals in the process thereby causing pain and injuries.

3. The Low Seats Protects You from Injuries

Unlike mountain or road bikes, you do not need to spend much time sitting down when riding. BMX bikes are designed to facilitate stunts and tricks as opposed to offering transportation services. The low seats are in place to ensure that you do not suffer from any injuries caused by the clamp assembly underneath.

Additionally, the low seats are in place to remind you what you should be doing with your BMX bike. That includes dirt jumping, freeriding and downhill cycling. You can do all these without sitting down.

4. Provides You with Better Grip

The low seats that come with BMX bikes ensure that you have proper grip when riding. You can grip the seat with your legs thereby allowing you to perform some stunts such as “suicide no handers” and “bar spins” easily.

In case you prefer techniques such as “no-footed cancan whips,” a lower seat sees to it that there are no interferences on the way.

Types of BMX Seats

Even though all BMX bikes have seats that are relatively lower than those of mountain and road bikes, the seats come in different forms and sizes. The different types of BMX bike seats are suitable for different functions. We analyze them here:

1. Integrated BMX Bike Seats

These are the most common and popular BMX seats. Its most notable feature is that it comes with both its seat post and seat and one unit. You cannot separate them and they come in sizes ranging from 22mm to 35mm.

2. Pivotal BMX Bike Seats

Pivotal BMX seats are molded using a set of adjustment grooves that allow easier placing of the seat. The seat is connected to the adjustment grooves with one bolt.

3. Railed BMX Bike Seats

A railed BMX seat can also be referred to as a micro-adjust BMX seat. It is almost similar to that of a standard road bike, only that it has a pair of rails beneath it.

4. Standard BMX Bike Seats

Looking at these seats, you will realize that they have metal pipes that slide into the seat tubes. In most cases, the seat is usually supported in place by seat guts. These types of BMX seats are popular with low budget bikes.

5. Tripod BMX Bike Seat

This one is famous because of its unique design. A tripod seat has a triangular plate fitted with bolts at the top of your seat post. Its three support points gives it its name.

The best way to choose the perfect bike seat for your BMX bike is to consider factors such as price, ease of setting up, riding style and durability.

In Conclusion

BMX bikes, unlike mountain and road bikes, are unique in their design and functions. The feature that stands out the most with BMX bikes is their low-lying seats. This begs the question, why are bike seats so low?

Well, factors such as body protection, powering, and ease of riding come into play. The low seats also makes it possible for a rider to move acrobatically.

The main reason why most bikers purchase BMX bikes is to have fun. With these bikes, they can freeride, dirt jump and perform complex tricks that may not be possible with regular bikes.

Different types of BMX bike seats are available including pivotal, standard, railed, and tripod seats. When out to pick a perfect seat for your BMX bike, consider factors such as price, durability, ease of use and your preferred riding style.

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